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Pay Per Click Management

Google Facebook Bing

PPC Management - Complicated? Time-consuming?
No worries! Pay little and Hand this trouble over to NiceNIC.NET!

PPC Packages / Activities Budget Standard Premium
Google AdWords Bing Ads
Google AdWords
Bing Ads
Google AdWords
Facebook Advertising
Account Set up
Bing ×
Facebook × ×
Campaign Setup
Keyword Research
Ad Copy Development
Bid Setup
Landing Page Recommen dations
Implemen tation of Conversion tracking Code
Ad Optimization
Text Ads
Image Ads × 2 4
Remarketing Ad
Interest-based Ad × ×
Topic Targeting × ×
Placement Sites Targeting ×
PPC Maintenance
Landing Page Optimization
Creating new landing pages (Recommen dations)
A/B Testing ×
CTR Analysis
Keyword Refinements (if required)
Bid Refinements (if required)
Reporting Techniques
Weekly Work Reports
Weekly Campaign Performance Report
Email and Chat
Monthly Management Fees $349.00 $559.00 $629.00
* Monthly click charges will be billed directly to you by Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook and not included in the maintainence fees


  • Optimize your ROI, effectively

    Pay Per Click PPC campaigns launching, deploying and maintaining by NiceNIC.NET, are effective solutions that deliver productive returns on your investment (ROI). Whether you are a SME or a large enterprise, our experienced team of dedicated professionals and campaign managers will have your Pay Per Click campaign up and running forthwith.

  • Fully Managed PPC Management Services

    We implement proven PPC methodologies to attract fast pre-qualified traffic to your website for targeted keywords. Our professionals will handle distribution and placement analysis for your website. It includes a list of costs for top ranking on Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook Advertising! Search Marketing and other search engines for target keywords and its proper combinations.

  • PPC Campaign characterized by Intelligence

    Pay Per Click management requires continuous monitoring, analysis, research and extensive setup. Our campaign managers would help you create PPC Advertising campaign with all the major PPC search engines, work within your monthly budget, and ensure higher ROI and conversions for your campaigns.

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